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Freelance & Contract Consultation

Contract Consultation & Proposal Writing

Aside from my content writing, fiction writing, and blog business, I also work as a Contract Consultant. My focus includes education on the government contracting arena, from advertising capabilities to writing winning proposals.  As a native English-speaker with Bachelor’s in English and formal training in Federal Contracting and Procurement, my unique set of skills addresses a myriad of avenues that modern businesses require.

I have a deep appreciation and keen ability to research contracting regulations, policies and statutes, and an ability to explicate the requirements and explain the constraints in everyday terms. I can assist your company in consultation of contracting processes and streamlining recommendations, RFP development and review, and consumer education. I have a thorough knowledge of Federal Small Business processes and can provide education and consultation services on developing businesses for the Federal Contracting market.

As a Contract Specialist, I held a FAC-C Level one certification from the federal government. I have six years of government experience in Real Estate, Procurement, and Acquisition. My work includes pre-award, award and post-award functions in the process of negotiating and acquiring for service, supply, architect-engineer, and construction contracts. In addition, I have worked on Federal Real Property Projects, including planning, negotiation, and execution of obtain land and space lease renewals, permits, licenses, outgrants, water rights, and easements. Producing high quality contracts on tight deadlines is my forte.

Online Writing & Content

As an Online Writer, I have two years of experience researching, writing, editing, and publishing 2-3 quality articles a week with quick turnaround times. Focus on my articles ranged from pop culture, social justice, current events, human interest, and reviews. Samples of my content writing can be found With these skills, I can assist in online writing/blogging, resume/cover letter writing, and content development. As a Summa Cum Laude graduate, I can assist on academic research, writing, and proofreading. With a keen attention to detail, I have significant proofreading and collaborative editing skills.

Contact Me

If you have a need for assistance, I can be found here on Upwork. I look forward to working with you in the future.

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