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The Nostalgia of My ‘Incredible Journeys’

The Nostalgia of My ‘Incredible Journeys’


I was searching through old journals when I stumbled across my messy scrawl, a list of ideas and quotes.  It was the first draft of a speech. The same speech I gave at the 2010 Seattle University Commencement. A nice hit of nostalgia.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 8 years since I graduated. I was 26, scared and ready for a new adventure. And boy did the adventures come! Life happened in wonderful ways.

But today isn’t about the journey to the now, it’s a look back my own words in 2010. A lifetime ago, but still here within me.  Read the rest of this entry


Build Me Something Pretty Worth Fighting For

Build Me Something Pretty Worth Fighting For


I want to live in a house of words, built with pretty syllables and petty conjunctions. Each soft r and contracted t can string along a light, a bright fluorescence within the dim walls of this little room that I’ve built with a writer’s favorite block. Read the rest of this entry

I’m Not Here for Your Bullshit.

In the wake of the Roy Moore debacle, I am inclined to re-share this essay. My feelings haven’t changed.

It's a Beautiful Dame

I woke up today, watched the news, and proceeded to turn off the television in disgust. Again.

In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a full on shitstorm of latent, inherent, societal misogyny has followed. I suppose it is to be expected. One cannot sneeze these days without the sound and consistency being pulled apart in partisan bickering.

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A Reminder…

With all the bullshit in the world

With all the bullshit in this world, I want you to know, I’m glad you exist.

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May Peace Be with You: A Note on Love

May Peace Be with You: A Note on Love

Recently, I’ve been re-reading my old journal scribbles, mining for a treasured phrase to spark inspiration for the next great essay or novel. No such luck on that battlefront. What I did discover was an old piece titled “Salaam wa Alaykum.”  There’s nothing very special with the small free-write I wrote nearly 10 years ago except as a reminder when life feels so dark, I need only remember what brings me the starlight I adore. 

Salaam wa Alaykum

Smiles and memories, I love driving under the glittering stars of Montana skies, feeling so tiny and full of life in a world that, for that moment, holds nothing but boundless beauty.  I love campfires cuddles, the flames nipping at my cold nose and iced fingers.  Tiny black poodles buried in the snow. Half-seeing kitties who show blind affection and love with abandon.  Punk rock Christmas songs that meld new life to old tradition. Homemade mix tapes and homemade journals and homemade cake. 

I love life in the little moments that remind me that life is just stolen moments that are too often passed over.  I love random words that stand for obscure ideas: hope, integrity, love.  I love stealing guys sweatshirts, swathing myself in a constant hug, constant safety.  Lilac blooms and white roses.  Seattle rain.  Writing by candlelight, the flicker dancing against the wall, sketching stories for the ages. 

I love listening to God’s rants and rage and tears in the storms during Indiana nights.  Bahama beaches.  Old couples holding hands, still in love after years and years and years.  I love the aged photographs of troops kissing their loved ones hello because they have lived through hell and this, this is heaven.

I love ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on Christmas Eve with cookies, a box of tissues and my heart settling for another year on my sleeve. Soft blankets and a bed full of pillows and heating pads and long showers to take the pain away. Sentimental hallmark bullshit that gets me every time. Beautiful Arabic phrases: Salaam wa Alaykum. May Peace Be With You. Books that make me cry and think and smile and laugh and want to live a better life.  People who make me cry and think and smile and laugh and want to live a better life.

I love you.

Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is Amanda. A writer, chocolate enthusiast, cat lover, newlywed, and Washingtonian currently residing in Georgia. I write about the world, and have a website where I pay homage and honor to the myriad of stellar, mesmerizing, powerful women who came before me.

As a writer, a lover of history, a challenger of the status quo, and a bleeding heart with a desire to live in a better world, this site is my tiny little slice of heaven. A place for me to escape from the world and shed light on the positive past and present that gives me hope for a fanciful and fierce future.

When I’m not cooking, reading, or taking pictures of my cat, I’m writing short stories, poetry, blogs, and new recipes. I look forward to sharing a bit of the world with you. Join me!

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